Now's probably the worst possible time for the exact people we should have
on board - the teachers and edu support people - as this is the first week
of term which is always chaos for them. Not only are they best going to
understand what the needs are in the schools (given resources available,
time available and etc - time is a very very finite resource for students
and teachers alike, and most classrooms aren't IT enabled) but also have the
professional skills to put it together for any group of students in their
learning area in a form they can use, such as a resource pack or lesson
plan, or even simply a delivery program based on X mins per week, with Y
theme. I believe that's the purpose of the interaction WMAU is engaging in
with external bodies who have that experience and can help us scope our


On 2 February 2010 10:45, private musings <> wrote:

> sounds great :-)
> I'd really like to encourage anyone currently involved in discussions, or
> with a bit of spare energy to start on the materials work, to head over to
> the official wiki and drop a note in / sign up - it'll be handy to have a
> central resource :-) - the foundation's outreach wiki which is also linked
> to from the below is another very good resource for anyone up for engaging
> in this area;
> cheers,
> Peter,
> PM.
> On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 12:26 PM, Andrew <> wrote:
>> The committee at its strategy meeting on the weekend discussed what we can
>> do for education and a number of ideas are being canvassed. Adam's lesson
>> plan idea (from IdeaScale) was one of them; there's also discussions with
>> external bodies (both teachers associations and government departments)
>> either active or near-future planned.
>> I'm deliberately keeping it brief as I am not speaking for the committee,
>> only as an individual member of it.
>> cheers
>> Andrew
>> On 2 February 2010 08:29, private musings <> wrote:
>>> G'day all,
>>> If you're interested in working with schools, or helping WMAU bring
>>> material together - or if you're active in this area already, and could
>>> share what you're up to, why not head to the 'offical wiki' and sign up /
>>> share / get involved :-)
>>> I've had a couple of opportunities raise there heads what with everyone
>>> heading back to school this week, but there's no doubt quite a bit of
>>> groundwork to do to make sure we're all pulling together - if you have and
>>> time and interest, lets create a project on the wiki!
>>> best,
>>> Peter,
>>> PM.
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