On 25/02/10 1:08 PM, private musings wrote:
> G'day all,
> Just wanted to ping folk on the issue of our site being rather slow, 
> and apparently significantly under-performing for quite a while? - 
> Times have been noted going back a month here;
> http://www.wikimedia.org.au//wiki/Talk:Wikimedia_Australia#web_page_speed_times
> but I think the issue has been known for quite a while before that 
> too? - I hope fixing this up can get a priority too before another 
> couple of months slide by (and apologies that I don't have the 
> technical skill to lend a hand - would a temporary solution be just to 
> move the wiki to some hosting somewhere that just plain works? 
> apologies too if that's not an easy solution - I'll be happy to cough 
> up a donation to this end, if that helps too!)
> either ways, I just had (another) 'gosh that's rather slow' type 
> comment from an aquintance I've been showing some stuff to, and would 
> like to get this sorted before sending out some info. to schools - do 
> pipe up if there's anything I, or other members, can do :-)
I made some changes at the time of the original report, and I was unable 
to make any page load in under half a second.

However, I didn't see the mention of "logged-in". My apologies for that. 
I've found the issue making logged-in pageloads slow, and resolved it. 
If you encounter any further problems, give me a buzz.

Andrew Garrett

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