G'day all,
Just wanted to ping folk on the issue of our site being rather slow, and
apparently significantly under-performing for quite a while? - Times have
been noted going back a month here;
but I think the issue has been known for quite a while before that too? - I
hope fixing this up can get a priority too before another couple of months
slide by (and apologies that I don't have the technical skill to lend a hand
- would a temporary solution be just to move the wiki to some hosting
somewhere that just plain works? apologies too if that's not an easy
solution - I'll be happy to cough up a donation to this end, if that helps
either ways, I just had (another) 'gosh that's rather slow' type comment
from an aquintance I've been showing some stuff to, and would like to get
this sorted before sending out some info. to schools - do pipe up if there's
anything I, or other members, can do :-)
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