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> Hi all,
> In London, we had a successful monthly meetup, which was held on the
> second Sunday of the month, in a particular pub in London's legal
> district, at a particular table, at a particular time.

The Wikipedians in Bangalore, India also have a meetup on the Second Sunday
of every month: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/Bangalore They
have found that having a regular time/place is highly valuable to a solid
local community, just the same as the Londonpedians have found. Another
thing that the Bangalorians are doing is beginning to invite guest-speakers
each month (either locally or by Skype) by way of attracting people who
might otherwise think "It will just be the same people each time" and to
create a bit of a focus-point for the event.

> Just thought I'd throw around the idea of having regular
> monthly/bi-monthly meetups in Sydney, rather than having them whenever
> PrivateMusings gets bored ;) This way, we can plan ahead and actually
> catch up a little more frequently than every 3–4 months.
> As many of the people on this list know, I'm an advocate for in-real-life
Wikimedia activities (especially informal meetups) as a way of galvanizing
the community to greater sense of cohesion and collaboration. This kind of
thing doesn't work everywhere, for local reasons, but I still reckon we
should try to have regular activities in our major urban centers (not just

> Issues to discuss:
> * How often?
London and Bangalore can sustain once-a-month, just. I would suggest once
every 2 or 3 months to avoid burnout.

> * Same venue? Different venue each meetup? Which venue?
I think the advantage of 'same venue' (easily remembered, less organising
each time) outweighs the advantage of 'different venue' (diversity). We
could always go with a different venue for special occasions if needed.

> * Should we advertise it with geonotices?
I reckon geo-notices (the ones that appear on watchlists, not the sitenotice
that appears on every page) is the great under-utilised communication tool
built into Wikimedia projects. I would definitely vote yes to this.

> * Should/how/can we cater to people with regular conflicting engagements?
There's always going to be someone who cannot make it, and I don't think any
one individual is/should be indispensable. Find a date that works for most
people most of the time and stick with it.


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