Hi Liam

It would be good to get some publicity around this - January is often pretty
slow news-wise, so it could be easier than usual to get coverage.

Can't say I've got any brilliant ideas in that regard, but I would be happy
to get involved in a brainstorm about it.


Unfortunately it's not good timing for education activities, unless we
wanted to run some kind of holiday program in conjunction with public

BTW is there any progress report on the Bookshelf projects that were
discussed/funded(?) last year for education outreach activities


Cheers, Pru


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Just saw this on the Wikimedia UK list, which itself came from the comm-com
The issue being: Does Australia want to do anything specific as part of the
potential "Wikipedia's 10th Birthday" celebrations in January. Furthermore -
does anyone want to put their hand up to run the show? :-)


Peace, love & metadata

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See below. This is a topic that I haven't heard much talk about in the UK
yet - do we want to do something for Wikipedia's 10th birthday in the UK?

I'm wondering whether we could do a hack party. Essentially, book a large
space with good internet access and lots of refreshments, and have as many
Wikimedians as possible coming together in real life and editing Wikipedia.
Would anyone be interested in this, and if so where should it be?

Does anyone have any other ideas for what we could do in the UK?


P.S. I'm assuming that nothing in the email below is confidential, as the
original was sent to a publicly accessible list.

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> Hi folks,
> Some of you are probably aware that a wikix-l list was created a few
months ago to stimulate discussion and centralize planning for 10th
anniversary celebrations.  Our birthday is coming up way too soon - January
15, 2011.  I expect we'll end up discussing this on every single list, but
I'm hoping to share all of our plans and focus the discussion on the wikix-l
list.  Optimally we will have at least one rep from each chapter on the
Wikix-l list.  We'll also be looking for broad representation from the
myriad WP's.
> Sign up for the list here:
> https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikix-l
> Thanks - more as it comes together...
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>> Subject: [WikiX-l] Wiki 10th planning
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>> Hi folks -
>> I know things have been quiet on this list from the Foundation side over
the past few months, and we know all too well that there's not much time
between now and the magic date: January 15, 2011!
>> Supporting Wikipedia 10th anniversary planning has largely fallen into
the global development/communications section of the Wikimedia Foundation.
Of course nothing will be possible without lots of broad support from our
thousands of global volunteers and our chapters, as well as other partners
(new and old!) and sponsors to help kick things off in style, for
Wikipedia's 10th year.
>> Right now there are a couple of major considerations here at the
Foundation, and I thought I'd start by sharing those major sections.  Some
areas need a lot more input from the community than others, but in all cases
we want to share everything that's being planned (our ideas, your ideas,
strategies, practices etc) so we can openly collaborate and try innovative
>> I see these as the three major areas of planning for Wiki 10 - leading up
to, and during the year starting Jan 15:
>> 1. Global celebrations
>> (chapters and volunteer groups around the world hosting events, parties,
and local festivities)
>> 2. A 'free' birthday celebration in San Francisco
>> (A Foundation-driven party on January 15, probably open to the public and
acting as a central focus for festivities here in the Bay area)
>> 3. On-wiki festivities and celebrations
>> (Any number of great ideas to mark the 10th anniversary, on en:wp or
other wikis - which may include tie-ins with the upcoming annual fundraiser)
>> We'll have more to say about each of these areas early next week, and
hopefully we'll add more areas or fill those sections out soon.  I'd like to
use this list as a central planning space, but I'm sure there will also be
on-wiki discussions taking place.
>> The Foundation also has a small budget to provide reasonable grants to
chapters or other volunteer groups around the world to support celebrations.
The conditions for receiving those grants won't be too complicated, and we
hope to get that process underway soon.
>> Although the Foundation is largely focussed on hosting a party and
helping to support activities, we want to help coordinate a central on-wiki
space where all activities from chapters, project reps etc can be shared so
we can create a global 'at a glance' page with all planned activities.
>> We also plan to post our plans for a local party in the next week or two,
so you can see how we're pulling the pieces together, what partners we're
talking to, and generally share our information so you have a party template
to use (if you're looking for one :)
>> I'm glad to see some other discussions underway on the list already -
hopefully we can start adding more.  Please share more of your ideas and
we'll get started with the planning.
>> Thanks!
>> jay
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