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> I remember that about one year ago it was reported that Wikimedia
> Australia had an interesting event called "Galleries, Libraries,
> Archives, Museums & Wikimedia: Finding the common ground".
> In case there is a follow-up, following-up people might be interested
> in this finding I have just made, while seeking a better source and
> better file description for a 16th century woodcut print available on
> Wikimedia Commons since long ago, but which was until now poorly
> described (1).
> This is how I came upon the "trove.nla.gov.au" website, which has an
> "online" heading, providing links to two PAYSITES :
> http://trove.nla.gov.au/work/10605648?selectedversion=NBD648216#online10605648

see [[HathiTrust]].  as far as I know, it is not possible to pay
HathiTrust, so they are not a paysite.

The problem is that Google has not flagged this book as public domain yet.


HathiTrust does provide free access to works which are known to be PD. e.g.


> Why provide links to paysites, while the book is an old 19th century
> public domain book, available on free sites such as
> http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/10940
> and
> http://openlibrary.org/works/OL1096465W/Manners_customs_and_dress_during_the_Middle_Ages_and_during_the_Renaissance_period

Are you sure that 'Manners, customs, and dress during the Middle Ages,
and during the Renaissance period' is the same work as 'The arts in
the Middle Ages, and at the period of the Renaissance'?
I suspect that they are different works, perhaps containing large
chunks of similar content.

> When I google the word TROVE, I find two definitions, one from
> Princeton, one from Wikipedia :
> http://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&source=hp&q=define%3Atrove&meta=
> Princeton : "treasure trove: treasure of unknown ownership found
> hidden (usually in the earth)"
> Wikipedia : "(...)where the treasure seems old enough for it to be
> presumed that the true owner is dead and the heirs ...(...)"
> I am afraid that "trove.nla.gov.au" is a misnomer. It should be
> renamed into "shop.nla.gov.au".

That is unfair; the NLA does not receive any kick backs from book sales.

For 'The arts in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance', trove says that
there is no bookshop that sells this work.

John Vandenberg

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