Peter's reply is pretty accurate. :) I'd add, it isn't because of what
we've done - the change is, as far as I understand, driven by the
Foundation's wish to move more responsibility to the Chapters to focus
on grassroots outreach. So a major part of the developing role of WMAU
is to focus on reaching new people and assisting them to produce free
cultural content, in whatever form that may take. This, of course,
means scaling up dramatically, so a lot of current focus is on getting
policies and procedures in place to allow the Chapter to scale without
encountering the fundamental problems you tend to hit.

Anyway, I would like to echo Peter's suggestion of more ideas. :) We
have some really nice projects in progress that we'll be able to talk
about soon, which I'm looking forward to, but a range of suggestions
and possible directions would be greatly appreciated. We do have a
formal proposal process, developed so that proposals won't be lost or
forgotten as we scale up, but at the moment any and all suggestions
would be wonderful as a point to start discussion.


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