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> Forwarding from foundation-l,
> A reminder that scholarship applications for Wikimania are closing soon. As
> a past recipient of this scholarship I would like to strongly recommend that
> anyone who has been thinking that going to wikimania would be good - apply!

I want to second this.Please do apply. Even if you applied last year
and were unfortunately not accepted, please try again. Partial
scholarships are available this year so you may have more chance of
being granted at least some of your travel costs than in previous
years. I also hope the chapter will step up and offer assistance to
locals that the Foundation and other Wikimania sponsors are unable to
support this year.

So far only ONE person resident in Australia has applied. This is much
lower than last year when 11 people made it to the 2nd round of
There's less than a week left, so please visit


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