Dear Australian Wikimedians,
(I'll crosspost this to the Wikiproject Australia noticeboard)

Next week on Tuesday myself alongside Leigh Blackall (User:Leighblackall
from Uni of Canberra), Andrew Garrett (user:werdna dev from the WMF) Jutta
(User:Juttavd from Cancer Council Aust) and Jessica Coates (formerly with
Creative Commons aust) will all be visiting the ABC headquarters in Sydney
to have a meeting with managers of different departments as well as a
lunchtime presentation to a larger group of staff.

As has sometimes been discussed on this list and elsewhere, the
possibilities of Wikipedia/Wikimedia working with the ABC abound but we've
never really been able to make headway in having an actual relationship.
Whilst it's not expected that this meeting will immediately result in the
ABC making their media archive PD, we do hope that this will be the start
of, as they said in Casablanca, "a beautiful friendship"...

The meeting will no-doubt be wideranging but there are a couple of ideas
that I specifically want to raise with the ABC.
1) I'd like to show them how Al Jazeera is publishing some of their footage
under cc-by and see whether ABC could feasibly do the same
2) I'd like to see if the ABC News website would like to add in Wikipedia
Citation template code to it's pages, to make it easier for people to
footnote Australian news stories in WP. I'll be showing them how the
National Library of Australia already does this with their digitised
newspaper collection (e.g. -
click on the "cite" button near the top left).
3) Point out to them how they can, if they want, use Wikinews content even
more freely that Wikipedia because it is CC-BY.

There are of course, no shortage of other potential things that the ABC and
Wikimedia could do, so if you've got something that you really want "put on
the table" please tell us.

Peace, love & metadata
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