Hi all,
forwarding an email from Pia Waugh who is the ICT advisor to Senator Kate
Lundy about a forthcoming consultation into Australian digital culture.
I will be attending the event in Sydney on October 6 and encourage others to
attend either in-person or via the live stream on the day, or via the wiki
or other media in the mean time.


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Date: 6 September 2011 05:45
Subject: The Digital Culture Public Sphere
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Hi all,

This is a once off email to let you know about the* Digital Culture Public
Sphere* which was launched online about an hour ago. This is a subset of the
National Cultural Policy consultation which was launched by Minister Crean a
few weeks ago to really reach out to and help define the landscape and
vision for digital culture in Australia, including digital arts, industries
and cultural heritage. The Digital Culture Public Sphere is a collaboration
between Senator Kate Lundy and Minister for the Arts, Simon Crean and the
consultation will result in a collaborative submission to Minister Crean and
the National Cultural Policy consultation.

You are receiving this email because you have been recommended to us as a
person who might want to participate in this Public Sphere consultation. If
you would like to be kept up to date with announcements and the like, please
register for our Live Event which will be October 6th in Sydney. You can
either register either as a Regular Attendee and come along to the event, or
as an Online Participant if you aren’t coming to the event but want to be
kept up to date and/or engage in the consultation purely online.

·       Information about the Digital Culture Public Sphere consultation - *

·       Registration for updates and the Live Event Oct 6th - *
http://digiculture.eventbrite.com/* <http://digiculture.eventbrite.com/>
*Please note, both Senator Kate Lundy and Minister Simon Crean will be
attending the Live Event in person, and there will be members from
the** National
Cultural Policy Taskforce and Minister Crean**’**s office and Department
participating as well.*

Below is a copy of the statement I made on behalf of Senator Kate Lundy and
Minister Crean at the Creative Australia Online 2011 event for a soft launch
of the consultation (as neither of them could attend):

   My name is Pia Waugh, I work for Senator Kate Lundy as her tech policy

      We've heard a lot about convergence today, and I know many of your
      have contributed to the Convergence Review being run by Minister Conroy,
      which is an important consultation.

      But I'd like to briefly touch upon something a little different.
      Australia has an international reputation for our digital arts,
whether that
      be our digital cultural works, the quality and skill of our games
      development and other creative industries, the bleeding edge initiative
      being shown by cultural institutions with regards to digital public
      engagement in cultural heritage, and much much more.

      The launch of the National Cultural Policy consultation a few weeks
      ago presents a perfect and quite timely opportunity to consider our
      strengths in the digital culture arena and contribute to the 10 year
      strategic vision Minister Crean is developing for Australia.

      Today Senator Kate Lundy, in collaboration with Minister for the Arts,
      Simon Crean, has launched the Digital Culture Public Sphere, a
      to explore the various digital culture sectors in Australia as well as an
      opportunity to look at the landscape as a whole.

      This is an opportunity to cocreate a vision for digital culture and
      industries in Australia, define what success looks like and come up with
      tangible ideas for how to get there. This is certainly an opportunity to
      contribute to government policy, but it is also a timely opportunity for
      your sector to define a vision for itself.

      A Public Sphere consultation uses the best of breed traditional and
      online consultation tools and methods. You can contribute to this
      consultation through the blog, wiki, Tweets to #publicsphere, video
      submissions on youtube or even by a traditional submission or
email if you
      wish. We will also be running a Live Event on the 6th October in
Sydney to
      facilitate sector and cross sector discussions to contribute to the
      consultation. The Live Event will be streamed online so peope can
      participate in the discussions remotely from all over Australia and both
      Senator Lundy and Minister Crean will be participating in the event along
      with members of the National Cultural Policy Taskforce.

      All inputs will be collated on the wiki over the coming 6 weeks, which
      will be closed for edits on the 17th October and then formatted into a
      formal collaborative submission and presented to the Minister and the
      National Cultural Policy consultation.

      We will be reaching out to people and organisations from games
      development, film & animation, media & music, digital arts and cultural
      institutions including galleries, libraries, archives and museums across
      Australia for input.

      I hope you can all participate in the Digital Culture Public Sphere
      and I look forward to seeing some of you online or on October
6th in Sydney.
      Please find all the details on Senator Lundy's blog at *
      the wiki at

      Thank you.

 Please contact me for any further information. I am the coordinator for
this consultation.



Pia Waugh

ICT Policy Advisor
Office of The Hon Senator Kate Lundy
Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Secretary
for Immigration and Citizenship

Phone:    02 6277 3334
Fax:          02 6277 3884
Mobile:   0400 966 453
Web:       *****www.katelundy.com.au* <http://www.katelundy.com.au>

Twitter:   *****@piawaugh* <http://twitter.com/piawaugh>
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