Hi Sam (and all)

Awesome work regarding getting it into the Fremantle Festival! :) The first
one in September was great fun - I enjoyed being part of the organising
team for the event, and my dad enjoyed being one of its participants. I
wish the Fremantle guys well for next week, and I'll try to be there.

Just so people know, the Wiki Takes Joondalup came out of an opportunity to
work with the Local History Library at the City of Joondalup. To date I've
been running this one as a solo effort, and I'm grateful for their
participation and assistance, including provision of a venue - I had a
meeting with some of their people Friday before last to secure their
support. For those who don't know the Joondalup area, it's a regional
centre in Perth's outer northern suburbs - a place where we have and have
always had very few Wikimedians - and the relative "newness" of the area,
combined with the low commercial/residential density, make it difficult to
photograph. I intend to finish working on the pages later today to bring
them up to date with discussions I've had with them.

One of the interesting opportunities arising from it is the possible
collaboration with Picture
a CC (restricted :( ) licenced collection of photos - mostly historical -
that they've been building themselves. As they're pretty keen on
maintaining the licencing it already has, I'm not sure where to move with
this one, but would be keen on ideas.

kindest regards

On 13 November 2011 08:31, Sam Wilson <s...@archives.org.au> wrote:

> On 13/11/11 7:40 AM, Laura Hale wrote:
>> Can't set it up but did request it at
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/**Wikipedia:Geonotice#Requests<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Geonotice#Requests>.
>>   It is very,
>> very last minute. :(  No guarantees that some one will see it and post
>> it but the effort was made.
> >
> Thanks!  There's notices all over the place in Freo, too, and it's in the
> Festival programme.
>> If you want to write a summary of the previous one in there, that would
>> be good too. :)  If you can figure out how to do a gallery of pics from
>> the previous meetup, that would be awesome too. :) The GLAM newsletter
>> is read by the WMF and other GLAM organisations. I've started using it
>> in the past two months or so as a quasi way of promoting chapter
>> activities and what Australians are up to.  It doesn't have readership
>> as large as the signpost, but the readership it does have is important.
> Writing something now.
> Andrew, you've said that the first Wiki Takes Freo was the first photo
> scav hunt in Australia; this *is* correct, isn't it?  There wasn't
> something else, to do with TINA in Newcastle or something?  I'm probably
> imagining it...
> - Sam.
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