Last weekend during the public IRC meeting the hot topic was the
chapter-selected board seats.

You can read more about that ..

During the discussion last Sunday we focused on how Wikimedia
Australia will 'endorse' nominations.

The Wikimedia Australia committee has also been discussing this, and
part of our deliberation has been that we know that there are two
Australians who are preparing their candidacies.

I have privately confirmed that both Australian candidates are happy
to have their candidacy public, prior to Wikimedia Australia's
decision on whether to endorse them. I feel that this is the best
option, as it allows the broader Australian community to consider
their platforms.

Wikimedia Australia requests that all potential candidates indicate
their willingness to be a board candidate publicly. Please do this
with an email to this public list before the coming Sunday if you are
seeking an endorsement from Wikimedia Australia. If you publish your
statement on a webpage somewhere, please also reproduce it, in full,
in an email to this mailing list.

On Sunday 19 February, the Wikimedia Australia committee will review
the candidates and decide on how to proceed with the chapter
endorsement. Several members at the public meeting indicated that they
feel that if we only endorse one candidate, the membership should vote
on the potential candidates. As not all members were at the public
meeting, and many non-members don't attend these meetings, if you have
an opinion on how we should proceed, please make your voice heard
before Sunday 19 February, either by email to this public list, or to
the members list if you are a member, or to
The committee will take into account all views at their 19 February

Looking forward to the next step; between March and May the chapters
will be evaluating all of the candidates.

If you have questions for the candidates, please put them forward
before 10 March.

If you have suggestions on how the Wikimedia Australia committee
should be voting, let us know early. There is no strict timeline on
when the chapters will reach a consensus on the board members.

John Vandenberg

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