Hi all,

The two Australian candidates were nominated for the chapter-selected
board seats via routes other than by WMAU.

Craig Franklin was nominated by Wikimedia Indonesia:

Liam Wyatt self-nominated:

The Wikimedia Australia committee expresses best wishes to both
candidates and thank them for putting themselves forward for this
important and difficult role.  Both gentleman have served on the
Wikimedia Australia committee, and served it well.  We are proud that
both Australian candidates put forward public statements early in the
process, and the Wikimedia Australia committee supports the principles
in both of these candidacy statements.

The complete list of candidates is now public on meta, and there's the
opportunity to ask the candidates questions there:



I encourage everyone to read the candidate statements, ask them
questions, and provide feedback to the Wikimedia Australia committee
members either
- individually, or
- email cont...@wikimedia.org.au, or
- at the public IRC meeting this Sunday at 5pm (eastern time).

John Vandenberg

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