On 13/03/12 19:51, John Vandenberg wrote:
> The Australian Paralympic Committee has provided ~650 images to
> Wikimedia Australia that need to be uploaded to Commons.
> They are broken into four sets and they are now hosted on our server.
> 663,512 Mb - New Atlanta scans 1 of 3 - 207 photographs
> 480,108 Mb - New Atlanta scans 2 of 3 - 156 photographs
> 470,000 Mb - New Atlanta scans 3 of 3 - 142 photographs
> 531,828 Mb - New Barcelona scans - 140 photographs
> If anyone is able to download zip files that big, and reupload the
> images to Commons, let me know and I'll give you the URL of one set to
> download.

Bulk image uploads can be done on the server side using importImages.php:


You just have to provide a .txt file for each image giving its image
description, i.e. 650 .txt files. Also the files have to be named
appropriately, preferably with a prefix to avoid conflicts with
existing file names.

If you have a zip file in that form, then you can file a shell request
in bugzilla.wikimedia.org for it to be imported.

Alternatively you can use Commonist or some other automated client.

-- Tim Starling

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