Wikimedia Foundation is setting up an online shop, and a Shop Advisory Committee

The whole idea of this store is to be able to reward the community and
get our awareness out (and, not really, to make money) so we also want
to make sure to have as much community input and hands in it as we
possibly can. Because of that we're setting up an advisory committee.
The advisory committee will:

    Give feedback, opinions and ideas about the shop itself, the product etc.
    Help reach out to the community to gather their feedback (and make
them aware)
    Help with the strategic planning of the store:
        Launch communications both now and for the public launch
        Community Merch giveaway plans and execution (As part of this
they would likely be ineligible for normal giveaways themselves).
        What do we need? What should we release? Financials/costs etc?

Hopefully we would have a core group of at least 6-12 people
interested in what's happening who can help us as we move forward. Are
you interested? Sign up [at]

John Vandenberg

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