Hi All,
As some of you may have seen on the WMF blog, yesterday I had the pleasure
to announce the first ever free-license release of content from the ABC - a
few dozen historically significant archival videos as part of their broader
80th birthday celebrations. Here's the announcement:
You can find the files themselves on Commons at Files from the Australian
you can see their current uses in WP articles on the toolserver

You may remember that about 9 months ago I posted here informing folks that
a few of us in Sydney would be meeting with the ABC to talk about starting
to work together. This announcement is the first results of that meeting!
Long time coming, but worth it for this unique Australian footage. It's
also a fantastic precedent to show to other broadcasters (in Australia and
overseas) - especially publicly funded ones. I'm also expecting to see a
few more files approved to upload in the next week or two (that didn't
quite work their way through the ABC permission process in time for the
launch). Hopefully this pilot project will be successful in their eyes and
will lead to more content donations in the future and other interesting
relationships between the ABC, Creative Commons and Wikimedia.
 Sooo.... Ta Da! :-)


p.s. I've also posted this on the AWPNB.

Peace, love & metadata
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