Dear all,

Wikimedia Australia has published a resolution in support of the
Chapters Council:

To ensure a fair and coordinated approach by chapters to
organisational matters, Wikimedia Australia supports the creation of a
Chapters Council that will operate as a unifying body representing
Wikimedia chapters. Wikimedia Australia believes that a unified voice
for the chapters will mutually benefit all parties, and will address
some of the many structural and administrative challenges that our
movement faces.

When the Wikimedia chapters' deliberations on the Chapters Council's
structure and function approaches a conclusion, Wikimedia Australia
will be in a better position to discuss and announce our position
regarding joining a newly created Chapters Council. In the interim, to
assist in the creation and development of a federated body of chapters
and thereby ensuring optimum success in this endeavour, Wikimedia
Australia will consider making contributions in the form of financial
and/or other resources, ultimately to be defined, towards the
furtherance of this goal and if requested by any interim council or
competent authority within the newly created Chapters Council.

Wikimedia Australia will continue to keep themselves informed of the
drafting process, and to this end contribute and coordinate along with
other chapters to effect a successful outcome. For the purpose of
matters relating to the formation of the Chapters Council, including
the drafting of a Chapters Council Charter, Wikimedia Australia's
delegation to the Wikimedia Conference 2012 in Berlin, namely Craig
Franklin and Anne Frazer, are authorised to speak on behalf of the
chapter's management committee.

Kind regards,

John Vandenberg
Wikimedia Australia

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