We’re delighted to see that six Australians and one New Zealander have
listed themselves as attending:

* Graham Pearce (Graham87)
* Charles Gregory (Chuq)
* Steven Zhang
* Gnangarra
* whiteghost.ink
* Liam Wyatt (Wittylama)
* gadfium (NZ)

We’re keen for this list to grow!

< Wikimania scholarships >

The foundation’s Scholarships Review Committee has recently announced
the winners of Wikimania scholarships to attend the annual event, this
year in Washington DC. As far as I can see, the list of scholarship
recipients is not public; applicants have been individually informed
of whether they were successful.

WMAu originally allocated $22,500 to Wikimania 2012, but given the
importance many people in the movement are placing on women’s
participation, we decided to reallocate $10,000 of that to


WMAu is sending our two ordinary committee members, Charles Gregory
and Graham Pearce (with carer), to represent the chapter. WMAu has
also approved partial scholarships of $1,000 to Steve Zhang, Jutta von
Dincklage, and whiteghost.ink, who regrettably missed out on
foundation scholarships this time. However, Steven Zhang secured other
arrangements and no longer needs the partial scholarship from WMAu.


With the two ordinary members and two partial scholarships, Wikimania
2012 is currently costing the chapter a little over $14,000. While
this is more than the $12,500 in the budget, the organisation has the
funds, and we’d like to know whether we can assist anyone else who has
made the large financial commitment of going to Wikimania.

< Call for additional applications >

If you unsuccessfully applied for a foundation (SRC) scholarship,
please send through your scholarship application to WMAu. Please also
indicate that you’re happy for us to go through the formalities of
checking with the SRC that you didn’t apply for a scholarship or that
your application was declined.  If you’ve already purchased flights or
accommodation, please let us know that too.

This is a great opportunity to get to know others in the movement on a
personal basis. Although we can’t guarantee approval of all additional
applications, we’re keen to give the green light to as many as our
funds will allow.

Tight deadline, sorry !!

Please send this information to commit...@wikimedia.org.au before
close of business next Friday 4 May. If there are more applications
for WMAu assistance, we'll discuss what level of additional funds the
chapter should allocate towards scholarships at the public IRC meeting
held on Sunday 6 May.

John Vandenberg

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