The three workshops in Far North Queensland (FNQ) went really well.
They mark the end of our first year of outreach in collaboration with
the State Library of Queensland.

We are waiting on a few receipts, however our estimate is that WMAU
has spent less than $9,000 on all of the SLQ workshops to date.  i.e.
on average we are spending 50% of the allocated amount of $3,000 per
workshop.  A detailed report of expenditure will be available after
our treasurer has the receipts from the final workshop in June.  The
investment by SLQ and the participating cultural organisations will be
much higher, and includes inkind contributions of venues, catering
provided by SLQ for the workshops held at Brisbane, and the time of
the SLQ staff and the participants at these workshops.

I've transcluded all of the training sessions onto a single page so
that it is possible to see changes about them all together.

21 of 68 draft articles have been published.  Roughly 30%.  I think
that with a bit of effort we can push that towards 60%.

A reasonable guess is that 70% of those workshop participants are
women, and they are closely attached to libraries, and willing and
able to provide sources.  Most of them should have email enabled, and
they will feel much more comfortable with email discussions rather
than our talk pages, at least until they are a bit more experienced.

The SLQ staff who have been organising these workshops and travelling
with us can help reaching out to the participants via their networks:
* Troykeith85
* Ruth_gardiner
* Michelle Swales

If you need help engaging with a participant, ask one of the trainers:
* Wittylama
* Chriswaterguy
* Commander_Keane
* Shiftchange
* Lankiveil
* John_Vandenberg

A big thank you to two community members who have helped these
sessions by editing most of the articles during every session:
* 99of9
* Mattinbgn

Thanks also to the Ozzies and Kiwis who have edited these pages during
and after the sessions (random order):
* saberwyn
* Ariconte
* Tabletop
* Alan_Liefting
* Tony1
* Graham87
* LauraHale
* Anjwalker
* Jenks24
* Shiftchange (also as Slqworkshop1)
* Lankiveil
* John_Vandenberg
* Chriswaterguy
* Commander_Keane
* Markhurd
* Grahamec
* Samwilson
* Cuddy_Wifter
* Bilby
* Bidgee
* Jack_Greenmaven
(please let me know if I have missed anyone)

The participants really appreciate seeing the community involvement
during the sessions, and as a presenter I sigh with relief when we
start to see community edits occurring during lunch.

The SLQ always hands out evaluation sheets using Likert scale, and
except for the early sessions the results have been consistently 3-5,
and many participants score the sessions with 4-5 only.  Of course not
every comes ready to write a good Wikipedia, and they are happy to
leave better informed and/or prepared for subsequent training.  An
important result of the Brisbane and FNQ training is they have built a
local team of people who can work together.  There are now a few SLQ
staff in Brisbane who are sufficiently skilled that they are able to
help new contributors learning the basics.  And several FNQ
participants are keen to run similar workshops again without our
involvement in order to keep practising.

As can be seen from the changes list above, the FNQ participants are
continuing to edit a week later. ;-)  One in particular is editing the
pages created by the other participants ;-)

Several of drafts are DYK quality, and only need a bit more sourcing
and polishing before DYK nomination.  Some of them need to be stubbed
and promoted as such, or rebuilt from scratch; this is a good strategy
as these participants will feel engaged with the mainspace page
because they created it, and they can find it easily using 'My
contributions' - the training regulary points them towards this part
of the interface, and the manual created by SLQ uses 'My
contributions' as the way they can find and monitor their pages.

John Vandenberg

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