Greetings Wikimedia Australia,

my name is Daniel, i am an ops engineer contractor at WMF and a guy
who does some statistics about Mediawiki installations.

While compiling statistics we noticed that there are quite a few
chapters wiki running on old mediawiki versions, so we decided
to start a little "upgrading campaign".

In the case of Wikimedia Australia it currently is: MediaWiki  1.18.1

while WMF wikis are currently on 1.20wmf2.

Can we do anything to help you upgrading to a more recent Mediawiki
versions? Please feel free to tell us about any issues you might have
with upgrading or how
it could be made easier.

Best regards,


P.S. wanna put "Wikimedia Australia" into the "description" field of
this mailing list? Would be easier to find on the listinfo page.

Daniel Zahn <>

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