Thanks to the commitment and logistical assistance of the Australian
Paralympic Committee, we have 17 people currently attending the
workshops and meetup.

Saturday afternoon: 1pm-5pm

The Saturday afternoon session will use a chapter of the written
history that UQ sports historian Murray Phillips is writing about the
"The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia" (HOPAU) as the
basis for creating and expanding Wikipedia articles about the
Paralympic movement in Australia.

Murray’s outline of the chapter identifies the key topics that need to
be expanded on Wikipedia in order to complement the development of the
written history.

In this session Murray will share what he has in mind, and
participants will be collaborating with him to flesh it out.
Wikipedians and the Paralympic community will identify which topics
the wiki folk should focus on for the next few months in order to be
able to work together with his research assistants.

The afternoon session will incorporate whiteboards and discussion
about the topics, investigating any potential notability/verifiability
issues related to these topics, and allocating topics to people who
would like to work on them.

At the conclusion of the session, we'll have a list of topics on the
wiki so that the online community can join the discussion and

Sunday morning: 10am-12am

The Sunday morning session will be more focused on content, with
participants working individually or in small groups. Participants
will be in the stacks, finding resources, scanning, and writing

In both sessions APC staff, Murray Phillips and related UQ
staff/students will be working together with Wikipedians to learn how
to edit Wikipedia.

The Wikimedia Australia resolutions regarding this workshops can be found at

On Sat, May 12, 2012 at 3:38 PM, John Vandenberg <> wrote:
> The HOPAU project is holding a workshop on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May.
> There will be about 10 people from interstate attending, including
> Graham (Perth) and Hawkeye (Canberra).
> If you are in South East Queensland and would like to help, please let
> us know via email or add your name here:
> With the HOPAU team in town, a meetup is being organised for the
> Saturday evening.  If you can only make it to the social event, feel
> free to add your name here:
> --
> John Vandenberg

John Vandenberg

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