Laura, Bidgee and Tim Collins have been at the Opal training camp this
week in the lead up to Olympics, where there are also Paralympians
training for the Paralympics.

They have been writing Wikipedia & Wikinews articles about these topics.

Tonight at 8pm-10pm we will be holding a Wikinews workshop on IRC to
support Laura, Bidgee and Tim, and so other contributors can learn
about Wikinews.

It will be a two hour session, however please join in at any time, and
pop in even for 10 minutes and provide your thoughts on the wikinews
articles that they we'll be writing.

Some of us will be working on Wikinews articles about topics other
than sport.  For example the Australian budget, and Toby's wonderful
work with the ABS data.

If you need help to access the freenode IRC channel #wikimedia-au,
please email this list or me, and we'll put you in touch with someone
who can help you get ready.

If anyone would like to try skype or google+ hangouts for the
workshop, sing out and we'll try to organise that as well.

The press conference audio can be found at


The photographs and other media can be found at


The wikinews articles being drafted are at


John Vandenberg

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