This is the complete published list to date.  (We have about 6 articles
awaiting review.)  Between them, I think over 75 countries are mentioned.
In some cases, a few countries have new articles that still haven't had 10
articles published about them since 2007.  (I think Azerbaijan is one and
Armenia is another.  There are a few others.)  They represent a wide swath
of Paralympic sports including athletics, track cycling, wheelchair
basketball, shooting, goalball, judo, boccia, table tennis, equestrian,
athletics, rowing, 5-a-side football, and 7-a-side football. (We have an
article about wheelchair fencing awaiting review.) We've had four
interviews published.  (We have one more awaiting review.)  We've covered
the press angle, written about some of the behind the scenes things like
the gym and equipment repair, and covered two press conference.  One
article was picked up by a newspaper in Sierra Leone and printed in paper.
We have about 5 more days left, but really, really happy with what we've
had so far. A big round of thanks are heartily deserved to everyone who
helped make this happen at the APC and Wikinews and Wikimedia Australia.
:)  This work comes on top of making sure an article exists about every
2012 Australian Paralympian, taking at least 35 of those to the front page
of Wikipedia, getting profile pictures donated by the APC for every 2012
Australian Paralympian for use on Wikipedia and Wikinews, creating articles
that better explain Paralympic classification with that prep work being
done before the start of the Games.'s_2012_Paralympic_Games_flag-bearer's_second_ever_Paralympic_Gamesôte_d'Ivoire's_wheelchair_basketball_team_practices_ahead_of_2012_Summer_Paralympics's_R2-10m_air_rifle_final's_national_wheelchair_basketball_teams_play_in_their_2012_Paralympics_opener's_national_wheelchair_basketball_team_loses_first_game_in_its_2012_Paralympic_campaign's_national_goalball_team_defeats_Algeria_4-3's_Powell_loses_to_Germany's_Matthias_Krieger_in_judo_event_at_2012_Paralympics's_Cynthia_Paige_Simon_loses_to_Spain_in_women's_57kg_judo_quarter_finals's_sitting_volleyball_in_straight_sets_at_2012_Summer_Paralympics's_R2-10m_air_rifle_final's_Richard_Csejtey's_national_wheelchair_basketball_team_gets_its_first_win_of_London_Paralympics's_Individual_C1-2-3_500m_Time_Trial,_Trischa_Zorn's_national_goalball_team_loses_0-3_to_United_States_in_pool_play_in_London,_Australian_goalball_player's_Alena_Kanova_defeats_Sara_Head,_taking_bronze_in_class_3_table_tennis,_Australian_Paralympic_wheelchair_basketball_medallist

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