The Classic countdown is underway, with the results being added to the
article as they are played.

Relevant content improvement can be seen at:

ABC Classic radio tweeted about the event to be held at the State Library
on Saturday afternoon, inviting the general public to attend.  If you can
make it next Saturday, even if you know nothing about Classical music,
please sign up so that any newbies who attend will have someone
wiki-experienced to work with.

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> Hi everyone,
> Cross-posting to Australian Wikipedians, Wikimedia Australia members, GLAM
> and French Wikipedians - please forward to others who might be interested.
> You are invited to participate in an edit-a-thon next Saturday taking
> place online and in-person in Sydney. The topic is the music of France,
> coinciding with the "Classic 100 music of France" radio countdown
> Every year the ABC radio station Classic FM hosts a "top 100" countdown of
> classical music - as voted by the audience. [For those not from Australia
> the ABC is the public broadcaster, like the BBC in the UK]. You can see the
> list of past countdowns on en.wp here
> This year, we are planning an edit-a-thon in Sydney on the second-last day
> of the broadcast, Saturday afternoon October 13 - 1-5pm local time (which
> is 2am-6am UTC). The State Library of NSW has generously offered to host
> us. You can sign up to the event (for both onsite and online participation)
> here:
> *
> This year, the theme is the "Music of France" and will feature works by
> such composers as Debussy, Bizet, Ravel and Berlioz along with many others.
> The broadcasts are spread over a week and have expert commentary as well as
> listener engagement via social media. The physical meetup will be on the
> second last day of the Countdown, so by then we will know most of the
> choices that have been made but following the Countdown provides
> opportunities in advance for editing a range of articles. While WP has good
> articles on many of the relevant composers, there is much that could be
> developed especially the compositions themselves. This is an opportunity to
> listen to the music, learn about it and improve WP too - all while
> countering the systemic bias towards pop-culture. You can read more about
> the event on their website - where you can also listen to the digital
> broadcast online 
> also that in the sub-pages they have created comprehensive lists of
> periods/genres and linked each of the artists and many of the individual
> compositions to their respective Wikipedia pages already!
> We will
> inform the radio presenters of our event and hopefully they will announce
> our progress on-air, which will perhaps gain new editors to the project.
> I hope to see you there - in person or online!
> Sincerely,

John Vandenberg
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