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Date: Oct 31, 2012 8:07 AM
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 Dear Wikimedia Australia,

I am writing about a new project launch - the WikiWomen's Collaborative.
This is a project that has been developed by the community, and as part of
my fellowship at the Wikimedia Foundation. My work has focused for the past
year on engaging more women to participate in Wikipedia and the Wikimedia

You can read about the launch of the project here:

We have women from around the world who edit Wikipedia who are
participating, and I'd love to garner your support and interest in the
project. Ways that your chapter can get involved:

   - Share this template talk page of female Wikipedians:
   - Write a blog about the WikiWomen's Collaborative and how women
   involved in your chapter or country can get involved based on the blog I
   linked to above.
    - Share projects and programs that your chapter is doing to engage more
   women to help "close the gap."
    - Like us on Facebook and share news, stories and links:
   https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiWomen%27s_Collaborative/Facebook -
   and be sure to invite your women friends and family on Facebook to like us
   too - Wikipedians and "not yet" Wikipedians welcome!
   - Contribute to the Wikimedia Foundation WikiWomen's blog roll about the
   importance of women contributing to projects, profiles about WikiWomen in
   your chapter, and more:

Thank you for your consideration and please share this email - and if I can
provide any support to you, please let me know. I'm happy to engage your
chapter in helping to close the gender gap.


Sarah Stierch
*Sarah Stierch*
*Museumist and open culture advocate*
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