The meeting will be held on Sunday, 25 November, 2000 UTC, on IRC on the
#wikimedia-incubator channel.

Everybody is welcomed.


2012/11/1 JP Béland <>

> Good day,
> For those who may not be aware, Wikimedia Indigenous Languages (WIL)
> is an international body aiming to coordinate and support the efforts
> to develop Wikimedia projects in small and endangered languages, or
> any languages under-represented on Wikimedia.
> Wikimedia Indigenous Languages will hold its second meeting on IRC in
> mid-November. I know nobody from Australia could attend the last one
> because of time differences despite having people interested. I would
> really like to get input from WMAU on activities and projects to
> develop the Wikipedias in Pacific languages. So, if you are involve in
> those projects or interested, please see the talk page (link below)
> and comment on timings that would work for you.
> If you have questions about WIL, don't hesitate to contact me or ask
> directly on this mailing list.
> Thanks,
> JP Beland, aka Amqui
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