I appreciate the current committee's new energy. We have a grant request
dating to early October that Craig told us we had that we told the
foundation about how great wm-au's support of the Paralympics has been.

We're still waiting on this. It is really important because we believed the
board member who told us we had it and acted accordingly in terms of
spending. Did I mention, we've currently done almost everything we said we
would do for that grant by now?

Hopefully, the new board can be more responsive than the previous ones. If
the board has contacted me about this in the past four weeks , I have not
received the email. Please continue to follow up with me until you get a
response as I said in a precious email a board member sent me about this
before the elections, I have not received them. This is really, really

Laura Hale

mobile: 0412183663
twitter: purplepopple
blog: ozziesport.com
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