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> In that regard, maybe it's useful to share how existing members
> 1) first became aware of WMAU
> 2) first engage in some kind of WMAU-related activity
> 2) what made you actually fill out that membership form and join up
> as that may give us tips on how to go about finding new folk.

I'm not sure when I first heard about WM-AU - at Wikimania 2007, possibly,
when I met Brianna Laugher & other WM-AUers.

I wasn't in Australia much for the next few years, but Mark Dilley let me
know about a general request from Laura Hale to find wiki people... for the
upcoming RCC Canberra, from memory.

I couldn't make the first one, much as I wanted to, but did make the next
two, and got to know more about the organization. I liked the mission & the
activities, so I joined up.

Chris Watkins

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