It's kinda lost in the mists of time, but something like;

1) was around as it was discussed, setup etc. supported the idea so joined
2) Not sure I've actually done all that much specific WMAU stuff! - Have
been to a few meetups, which I've always enjoyed - and had a few meetings
with some interesting people here in Sydney - was most active prior to
formation, and maybe for a year or two after.
3) see 1.

ps. I think some sort of content page for these sort of notes on the wiki
might be nice - would any contributor object if I set that up?

pps. Given the title of the thread, I'll also continue to bang on that I
think open registration for our wiki would be a good thing - check out the
discussion on the other thread if you're interested, or take a look at (I still
need a 2nder, anyone? :-)

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 12:11 AM, Michelle Gallaway <>wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 12:05 PM, Kerry Raymond <>wrote:
>> 1) first became aware of WMAU
>> 2) first engage in some kind of WMAU-related activity
>> 3) what made you actually fill out that membership form and join up
> I knew someone else who was a member.  I have never been a busy editor but
> I support the mission and joining the chapter seemed the logical thing to
> do.  I am South African by birth and now that we have our own chapter I
> have been more involved with them.
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