WMF fellowships have been designed so that the proposer suggests their
preferred topic, not the other way around. Latterly the WMF reduced the
range of possible Fellowships to things that would be more tightly aligned
with their 'editor retention' goal, but it was still a matter of "come to
us with good ideas and we'll discuss it".


On Tuesday, 4 December 2012, John Vandenberg wrote:

> With the WMF possibly cutting fellowships, and our own strategic objective
> of taking responsibility for WMF resources in Oz,  I think it would be
> possible to pick up the guantlet and include a fellowship in our FDC
> application.
> What themes would be good? Some ideas:
> Mediawiki
> Gendergap
> http://www.wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Strategic_Plan#Consolidate:_Take_responsibility_for_Foundation_resources_in_Australia
> John Vandenberg

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