That's why I copied it in to the public wikimedia-au list as well.  There
are people on the members list who are not on the public list, and I want
to reach as many people as possible.


On 11 December 2012 22:04, Tony Souter <> wrote:

> Craig, it's entirely proper that this be discussed, but why in private at
> all? The chapter list is closed to public view; isn't that private enough
> if members don't want to use the chapter's public site?
> The WM foundation is pressing chapters to adopt governance practices that
> are as transparent as possible under the circumstances, and will look on
> WMAU much more favourably if we don't encourage members to give secret
> feedback about how we spend donors' money.
> T
> On 11/12/2012, at 10:58 PM, Craig Franklin wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > As you may be aware, at the recent AGM, the members of Wikimedia
> Australia approved our annual plan, but also directed the committee to
> revise and adjust the plan to a more modest state with a view to applying
> for Round 2 funding from the FDC, early in the new year.
> >
> > With that in mind... what sort of revisions and feedback do you have for
> us?  Obviously I can't promise to satisfy every single person but I'm
> interested to feel the pulse and see what people generally speaking are
> thinking.  The only thing I can promise is that if you don't provide any
> feedback, then I won't be able to consider it!
> >
> > If you're not comfortable replying in a public setting, I'm happy to
> consider any comments put forward in private emails as well.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Craig Franklin
> > Treasurer - Wikimedia Australia
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