Reposting this here, as I know some of you also contribute to Pool:

Dear ABC Pool user,

We’ve had a great time running Pool these past five years but sadly, the
> time has come to shut it down.

We will no longer be accepting any new sign-ups from 18 May 2013, in order
> to accommodate the current ABC call-out Trees I’ve loved & lost which is
> still active until 17 May 2013. After the project ends, it will not be
> possible to upload any new work to Pool. The ABC Pool website will be
> offline from 18 June 2013, which is six weeks from today. If you don’t
> already have copies of your work, we strongly encourage you to start
> downloading your work and storing it appropriately.

Just a headsup to make sure you have copies of your work stashed elsewhere!

Craig Franklin
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