Dear Aussie mailing lists,
I'm forwarding below the email from the Australian Law Reform Commission (
ALRC) - Copyright Review. The announcement today is that after several
months of reading the initial submissions, they are now releasing their
discussion paper on what ideas they're thinking of reforming in the
Australian copyright system.

I think it's EXTREMELY interesting that the ALRC is recommending that
Australia drop lots of specific exceptions that have built up over the
years and replace it with a broad, flexible, "fair use" principle that is
effectively parallel to what the US has.

This would be a MAJOR shift in our copyright system, one that gave
SIGNIFICANTLY more flexibility and power for the end-users. I think you can
get an indication of how upsetting to the existing copyright industry this
change would be given they've *already* gone on record to say that "fair
use is unfair"

I made a submission to the review at the round-1 stage, but since then I've
taken up a position in the Australian Public Service working for the
National Library (which would be directly affected by this policy change).
As such, it wouldn't be proper for me to personally be involved making
another submission. I can only say that the ALRC's recommendation WILL be
aggressively fought by the copyright industry. If the recommendations are
going to be adopted (which would be after the next federal election) there
would need to be an equally strong argument made of the *economic value*
that more flexible copyright exceptions would bring to Australia. These
changes wouldn't make a lot of difference to Wikimedia projects directly,
it's true, but Wikimedians are very well knowledgeable in the specific
flexibility that fair-use can bring compared to the current, much more
stringent exceptions we currently have such as "research and study",
"parody and satire" and the Statutory License for educational copying (part

I would suggest that Wikimedia Australia solicit the views of its members
and local Wikimedians and, having come to a consensus, make its own
submission or, more simply, co-sign a submission from another like-minded
organisation. You have 2 months to do this.

-Liam / Wittylama

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   5 June 2013

 It's here! Discussion Paper now available

The *Copyright and the Digital Economy* Discussion Paper is now available,
marking the second phase of broad public consultation for this Inquiry. The
Discussion Paper contains 42 questions and proposals regarding reform of
the *Copyright Act*, including the introduction of a broad, flexible
exception for fair use of copyright material and the consequent repeal of
many of the current exceptions, with a view to making Australia’s copyright
regime more flexible and adaptable.

The Discussion Paper is available on the ALRC website in html and PDF, and
also as an ebook.

See *media 

See *Discussion

 Make a submission

We strongly encourage individuals and organisations to make submissions in
response to this Discussion Paper and, in so doing, contribute to the law
reform process. These submissions are crucial in helping us develop final
recommendations. It is helpful if comments address specific questions or
proposals in the Discussion Paper.

The closing date for submissions is *Wednesday 31 July 2013*.

An online submission form will be available at the ALRC website in a week
or so. We prefer to receive submissions via the online form, but also
accept submissions by post and email, preferably in Word format.

Find out more about *making a


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