Hi all,

With Round 1 of the Funds Dissemination Committee now three months away, it's 
time to start preparing our annual plan! The committee would like to invite 
members of the organisation and Australian Wikimedians to help shape our 
organisation and our activities going forward into the next year.

We will discuss this in a bit more detail in our coming public meeting, but in 
the meantime please consider making a start on draft proposals as per the 
proposals process, and you can run ideas past the committee as a whole or past 
individual members. Successful proposals will be ones that address and take 
into account the strategic priorities of the Wikimedia Foundation - which in 
brief are: Stabilize Infrastructure, Increase Participation, Improve Quality, 
Increase Reach and Encourage Innovation.

Our application is due on October 1 so we are aiming for proposals to be 
finalised by the end of July. Please feel free to contact me for any further 


Steven Zhang
Committee Member & FDC Co-ordinator, Wikimedia Australia

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