Dear members and committee,

I had decided to resign just before the notification about moderation of the 
private list arrived: that notification is irrelevant to my decision.

Most members, and probably the whole committee, loathe me. I can't see that 
I'll have anything positive to contribute now, since the membership register 
fiasco has soured things. 

To be frank, I find I have to severely ration my WMF online time as it is, and 
chapter activities – I mean real stuff, not just going around in circles on the 
mailing list – have always been a much lower priority for me.

So I want to leave on a positive note, which is to repeat what I've said 
before: in a country as sprawled out as Australia, forget meetups and get 
online to achieve the aims. Personal relationships with cultural institutions 
are the key: that can lead to real benefits for WMF sites. Well done John 
Vandenberg and Whiteghost, and a few others who've started good work on that 
count. I'd make those relationships a central aim, identifying the members who 
are best suited to forging them, and supporting them with small member teams. 
Probably you need to attract in more professionals from cultural institutions 
as ... associate/guest members, even "fellowships", even if on a temporary 
basis: librarians, archivists, broadcasters, museum people, academics who have 
contacts – but only if they're prepared to work on temporary projects like 
persuading pre-targeted institutions to release cultural products under free 

Now you can rejoice and be nasty about me behind my back for (another) five 
minutes, then forget. I hope your election goes well.


Tony Souter
*Fixed-line phone: +612 42633401
*Mobile: 0450 717627 (+61450 717627), but usually not switched on
*Skype: tonysouter
*Street address: 1/29 Tarrant Ave, Kiama Downs 2533, Australia

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