Good morning :-)

I've just been called by the producer for ABC702 morning show (presenter is
Linda Mottram) and asked to talk on radio sometime between 10 and 10:30
about Wikipedia's errors, how we improve the contet etc, etc, - in the
context of the recent bushfire / Greg Hunt story in the media.

I can obviously talk about how we get better and that we don't pretend to
be perfect and that we encourage people to check the footnote and make
their own assessment... But can someone please advise on the best way to
phrase how the specific article [[Bushfires in Australia]] appeared last
week and what has changed? I see there is a "climate change" section - was
that already there a few days ago? (I can check the history when I get to
the office, on my mobile at the moment, wanted to write to you straight

Any advice, ideas? I recall there being a userspace proposal on the chapter
wiki - can someone point me to that again and advise if you think it's
appropriate for me to try to quote?


Peace, love & metadata

Peace, love & metadata
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