Hi All,

Last week I attended THATCamp Sydney <http://sydney2013.thatcamp.org/> held
at the State Library of New South Wales. One of the Library managers
presented a session about the library's current massive digitisation
project and its relation to their forthcoming exhibitions about World War
I. Among other things, they have 1100 WWI diaries and are digitising them
as well as transcribing them as well as photographing objects. On 11
November they will be launching a new WWI website.


The State Library of NSW is hosting our first backstage pass in the Library
on *23 November *and that will be followed by an editathon. They want to
meet us and we want to see their collection. We should be able to improve
Australian content on this topic.

Join us there! Go to the Project
sign up (it would help catering). Online participation is also

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