Thanks for sharing that Gideon - there is at least one Australian
Wikimedian who this would be highly relevant to.  I notice one of the
selection criteria:

*Impact, including capacity to reach a significant audience: Your proposal
must show it will have an impact, and show a capacity to reach a
significant audience which is preferably, though not necessarily,

Clearly the ability to publicise content on the 6th most visited website in
the world will give any WMAU endorsed candidate a strong advantage!

I agree with Gideon that I find it likely that the committee would be happy
to provide supporting materials to any Wikimedia Commons photographer who
wishes to apply.



On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 7:34 AM, Leigh Blackall <>wrote:

> Perhaps those of us who can't go could help complete the application for
> others. ..
> On 13/01/2014 9:49 PM, "Gnangarra" <> wrote:
>> There is an opportunity for someone to spend time in Antartica, as
>> photographer I love to be able to do this, as Wikimedian imagine what
>> content you could enhance. For me I it's either 20 years too late or 10
>> years too soon, given the skills and knowledge of many people here if your
>> able to apply I say go for it... applications close 30 March 2014 so give
>> it some thought... Become the first Wikimedian in Residence in Antartica.
>> *I havent brought this matter to the committee but I'm sure if you were
>> to apply WMAU committee would consider requests for supporting
>> documentation where appropriate*
>> Gideon
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