Hi All,

Just reporting that we held the planned Editathon in tribute to Adrianne
10 May in Sydney. In spite of the short notice, our efforts resulted
a number of good outcomes with which I think Adrianne would have been well
pleased and from which we will benefit. They are listed on the project
in brief we achieved:

   - four new articles (one of which is DYK for today);
   - a new trained editor;
   - a relationship with the people at the Encyclopedia of Women and
   Leadership in Twentieth Century
   - a useful new table
   <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Lankiveil/EWH_Article_List>that maps
   our content against theirs so we can continue to improve our articles as
   well as use their publication for reference;
   - a rise in awareness of WP as a result of a subsequent presentation
   given by our new user to the Digital Humanities Forum at the University of

Thanks in particular to Users: Lankiveil (who created the table), Wittylama
and Wikiwookie and please be welcoming to our new editor, User:Helouise.

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