Hi all

At a meeting of the Genealogy SA Research and Development Committee I
offered to provide a session on writing biographies for Wikipedia.

Triggers for this were:
- my experience finding obituaries and other sources in Trove that appeared
to justify an article, or allowed significant expansion of a stub. Often
for politicians and sportspeople there is already a stub that can be filled
- finding that a number of the articles apparently written by family
historians were not encyclopedic in their selection of information nor well

It looks like there will be a 1.5 hour session:
- an intro to WP
- familiarisation with Wikiproject Biography (WP:Notability)
- Using hardcopy and online resources, (WP:Citing sources)

Any thoughts, comments, offers to work on the project. Is anybody else
already doing something along these lines?


Paul Foord
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