It is with great sadness that I share with you the news that Craig Franklin
has died. 


Craig has been a member of Wikimedia Australia for many years during which
time he has held various roles including President, Vice President, and
Treasurer. He was active in outreach work here in South-East Queensland, in
particular in forging the strong partnership between State Library of
Queensland and WMAU.


Craig was one of the first Wikipedians I ever met in person and he
encouraged me to join Wikimedia Australia where he got me involved in
outreach after my retirement. He served the cause of open knowledge as a
Wikipedia contributor, an administrator, an oversighter, a member of the
OTRS team, and most recently as an ombudsman. He always tried to be fair and
kind to his fellow Wikipedians.


They say only the good die young and that is tragically so for Craig. He was
funny about the things that did not matter, sincere about the things that
did, and an all-round decent Aussie bloke. The stars will shine a little
brighter tonight as he is now among them.


Pru Mitchell and I have arranged for flowers to be sent to his family
expressing the condolences of Wikimedia Australia and the Australian
Wikipedian community and expressing  the high regard he was held in by our


As this list is archived and accessible to the public, I will not include
any personal details. However, if you wish to send personal condolences to
his family, please contact me via email for contact details.




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