2011/11/21 Jessie Wild <jw...@wikimedia.org>:
>> Em 21 de novembro de 2011 00:20, Alexandre Hannud Abdo
>> <a...@member.fsf.org> escreveu:
>> Is MichaelPage working pro-bono for the foundation?
> No.

Please don't get me wrong, but...

Why weren't we consulted about this?

I mean, I'm considering two things:

1) Michael Page does not understand the job and does not have the
competence to recognize the right people, not even for a raw

2) I am not the only one here who could have arranged a pro-bono
headhunter at least  as good with one or two phone calls.

You don't know our country (at all, don't fool yourselves) and you
don't know the resources our community has at its disposal. If we do
not cooperate, you will be wasting money, resources and opportunities
all the time.

I have a sad feeling that if the WMF does not "get it", we'll start to
have more serious and unnecessary conflicts in the future.

We must stop being handled "consummated facts".

I don't think this is the right way to handle things.

Finally, on a funny detail, I don't think this person should have
"director" in his title. It gives the wrong impression towards others
and the community itself, and we Brazilians are very easily impressed.

Actually, my personal opinion is that this whole Brazilian office
affair is a huge mistake, but that was not even put on the table for
us to discuss.



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