I am entirely unsure on how to respond to this, but I'll give it a try.
First, I'd like to state clearly that while WMF legal department did ask to
be kept informed no assistance was given to me beyond a simple, "it is
probably in your best interest to take legal counsel with you when you are

The feeling I got from the responses received was that it was entirely my
responsibility to procure adequate counsel. A feeling that was only
heightened by not only the refusal to ask WMF employees to speak about
Wikipedia's very basic rules but also by the request to stop copying a few
friends that are also WMF employees on the emails.

In fact I was told on no uncertain terms that due to the case taking place
in Brazil WMF and its employees could not "directly participate in the
process". Leaving a seemly empty promise to "work behind the scenes to
support" me. My response to these statements remained unanswered, all of
witch contributed to my statement that I did contact WMF's legal department
and got no assistance from it.

Furthermore, I do not even see in you statement, Mr. Brigham, anything that
would speak to the contrary. What I do see are justifications on why the
correct procedure is to not give a person in my situation any assistance,
primarily due to me not being (yet) cited as a defendant on a legal action.

Of course, WMF is not answerable criminally to this situation as I am; and
the license is very clear in trying to remove all civil liability from the
foundation as well. I did however, expect a higher standard from WMF and I
was undoubtedly disappointed by the lack of assistance.

If my view of the situation is mistaken and WMF in fact intends on
assisting me in this case I offer my deepest apologies for the

With warm regards,

Chico Venancio <http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usu%C3%A1rio:Chicocvenancio> (
22h01min de 2 de dezembro de 2012 (UTC)

ps: Pretendo traduzir a colocação original e minha resposta em breve (se
ninguém o fizer antes).

2012/12/1 Béria Lima <berial...@gmail.com>

> que o programa de ajuda legal não se aplica ainda pq o chico ainda n

Chico Venancio
@chicocvenancio <http://www.twitter.com/chicocvenancio>
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