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2013/1/8 Everton Zanella Alvarenga <>:
> "After reading this document which was published under a cc-by license
> we decided that it was worth it to create an English version as well.
> We put out a request to the German OKFN volunteers and got a couple of
> responses. Within a few days the complete document was translated.
> Then, the original authors were consulted and they agreed to proofread
> the document. This was also a great opportunity to implement some of
> the comments they received from the German Wikimedia community after
> publishing. With the help of Wikimedia Deutschland, we were able to
> fit the document in the same design as the original.
> And now in early 2013, we are very happy to announce the final version
> of the document translated to English.
> Download “Consequences, Risks, and side-effects of the license module
> Non-Commercial – NC” here.
> <>"
> It is funny that in this morning I was just explaining to a chemistry
> friend about the risks of the NC restriction and I gave just some of
> the examples used in this guide. Wikipedia is the best way to explain
> to people about that.
> Congratulations to Wikimedia Deutschland and Open Knowledge Foundation
> Germany for this work.
> Tom
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