Dear all,

first of all, congratulations again for the newly elected WM-President and the 
new Board.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find the time at yesterday’s General Assembly in Bern 
to discuss an important point and project which was suggested to 
by the Berner Fachhochschule recently – and was pre-discussed on the list 

At the end of yesterday’s meeting, I discussed with Beat Estermann (FH Bern) as 
well as Michael, Robin and Nando that Wikimedia should use this opportunity to 
further discuss and to seek cooperation with the FH for this project. WM has 
some potential to offer in this respect and projects like this can help to 
further increase Wikimedia’s expertise and reputation.

Manuel previously announced his interest in this project and I am strongly 
interested to make this happen as well. I have some long experiences with 
similar projects on the national, European and international level (if members 
wish to have some more details, I can submit a detailed CV). As the time is 
pressing now, I suggest to create and delegate a WM-Working group to further 
discuss the R&D Project: Online Collaboration for Elderly People with Beat 
Estermann and the Berner Fachhochschule. As a starting point, we can consider 
what the German Wikipedia has done already with a similar project "Generation 

What IMO is formally needed now is a Board decision of the still acting and the 
newly elected Board to legitimise such a cooperation on solid grounds.

Awaiting your approval in this matter. Best regards,

Estermann Beat wrote Thu, 12 Mar 2009 13:45:
>Dear Manuel, dear list members,
>Thank you, Manuel, for your encouraging e-mail! As I suggested in my previous 
>mail to you, we will have a look bilaterally at how you can get implicated in 
>the elaboration of the project proposal.
>I agree with you that we first of all need grassroot support for the project 
>and I am very grateful that you mentioned that point. On the other hand, in 
>order to include Wikimeida CH in the proposal and to receive funding both on 
>behalf of Wikimedia CH and for the research institutions participating in the 
>project, it is important to get the association's official committment. It 
>therefore IS a question of the board.
>Best regards,
>Beat Estermann
>] On Behalf Of Manuel Schneider
>Sent: Dienstag, 10. März 2009 16:35
>Dear Beat, hallo Beat,
>I really like your project and will support that.
>In the german Wikipedia there is a similar project "Generation 50plus":
>With a partner like the University of Berne I am pretty sure that this is a 
>very good idea. I hope other members will help.
>I don't think that it is a question of the board. If members are willing - I 
>am - we can realise that.
>Thanks for your offer,
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