Dear all,

a short report from the Wikipedia Meeting in Solothurn which happened
last Saturday.

User:Gestumblindi organised some cultural program for those who were
interested and had time to come to Solothurn three hours prior the
actual meeting in the restaurant "Kreuz". We were invited to see the
museum about Tadeusz Kosciuszko, a polish national hero who lived 1746 -
1817. He spent his last two years in Solothurn, in the appartement he
lived is today a small museum about him. Kosciuszko is famous in Poland
for his fights to re-establish Poland afte the second division and
disappearance of the country. He was partly successful but ended as a
prisoner in Russia until Zar Katharina II died and the new Zar freed
him. In the USA Kosciuszko is famous because he fought successfully
against the British, established fortifications and thus played an
important role in the War of Independance. The museum holds a lot of old
stuff from Kosciuszko and is run by volunteers. We had a nice tour given
by an elderly polish man. Never heard of Kosciuszko before the most
interesting part for me was the thorough update of my knowledge about
polish and US history which has a lot of european context as well. Eg.
Kosciuszko studied and lived in Paris before he went to the USA, as he
had no opportunities in Poland after the first division and its weak
leadership. He was inspired by the spirit of the french before the
revolution. When he came back he dealt with napoleon France, then with
the russian Zar, later he went to the Vienna Convention before living
and dying in Solothurn.

The Wikipedia Meeting was well visited, there were 16 people in the
museum and even more in the restaurant, I would guess around 20 persons
in total. Due to the big amount of people there was not a single, common
discussion but many groups and pairs discussing different topics. They
ranged from the Edelweiss project over Wikimania to Third Age Online,
Open Data. Many more happening on other tables I will have missed. I
noticed somebody from SeniorWeb, a directrice from the library of
Solothurn, Patrick Kenel from the Wikimedia CH board and many well-known
Wikipedians. We introduced Muriel Staub as Community Manager and
distributed some give-aways like Wikimedia CH USB sticks with offline
Wikipedia, red-white lanyards and Wikimedia CH stickers.

It was a very nice meeting with interesting discussions. What I found
very interesting is the fact that we had more visitors than in Zürich. I
want to thank to all who were engaged to organise this meeting and those
who came, making it so interesting.

For those who have time today: There is the Wikipedia:Basel meeting
tonight at 19:00 in restaurant "Crea'tif" in Weil am Rhein, just across
the border of Basel, easily reachable with S5 station "Weil am Rhein
Ost". If you drop me a note I can pick you up at Basel Bad. Bf or Weil
am Rhein so you don't have to fiddle with german railway.


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