Dear all,

This is something for all those among you who have been thinking about carrying 
out new activities based upon or inspired by the Wiki Loves Monuments photo 
contest. - Please share your ideas! We are looking forward to presenting also 
some great ideas from Switzerland! ;-)

Kind regards,

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your idea!

Dear Monuments Lovers,
Over the past 3 years, the Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest has developed 
from a one-country activity into a global endeavor that every year in September 
brings Wikipedians, Wikimedians, and photo enthusiasts together in order to 
shoot great pictures illustrating Cultural Heritage and to make them available 
on Wikimedia Commons. The photo contest has also turned out to be an excellent 
tool for the community to reach out to new contributors.
But what will we do when we have good pictures for virtually every official 
monument in some countries? - Please join us at Wikimania to look into the 
future of Wiki Loves Monuments! And share your great ideas already now on the 
Kind regards,
Mónica Mora and Beat Estermann

P.S.: Don't hesitate to forward this message to your local mailing list!

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