Le 02/09/2013 15:35, Manuel Schneider a écrit :
> I guess RSS / Atom doesn work for you as the wiki is closed. I am not
> aware that an aggregator can actually log into the wiki before fetching
> the feed.

I'm of course connected, so my browser has the right cookie and I can
access directly

I'm not sure, but the problem could come from this type of security:
In this case we would need to add an additional HTTP header to allow this...

> MLEB is nice but late. We are stuck with a different model to use
> multiple languges at the moment. There is only one solution which I can
> see (maybe you have a better idea): To move all the content, manually,
> to a new wiki that has MLEB (and a lot more cool stuff). I have a plan
> for that but don't prioritice it. At the moment my priority is "keep the
> things going" (maintain status quo with improvements where opportunities
> arise) and supporting FDC relevant activities (community projects, other
> chapters support). Then we have some pressing things, like CiviCRM, new
> staff etc...

We don't need to migrate old translated content to the new model... So
this seems to me relatively straight forward. I have done it on Kiwix
web site, directly, and this was really stimulating content edition.


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