Le 07/10/2013 14:35, Manuel Schneider a écrit :
> Am 07.10.2013 12:46, schrieb Emmanuel Engelhart:
>> Le 07/10/2013 11:10, Manuel Schneider a écrit :
>>> Please be aware that changes on the wiki are going on.
>>> Currently the multilingual features are not active because they
>>> interfere with the upgrade.
>> I have asked many questions about IT (IMO partly related to this change)
>> on the village pump. Could you please answer them:
>> https://members.wikimedia.ch/Village_Pump/
>> To avoid such type of fuzzyness about IT changes in the future, I think
>> this would be good if for each IT change with a user impact the
>> following stuff is done:
>> * Inform users before the change:
>> ** Purpose of the change with a few details
>> ** User impact (during and post change)
>> ** time/duration of the change
>> * Inform users after the change:
>> ** Potential post-change incidents
>> ** Feedback about the change execution
> can we agree to do that only in projected bigger changes?

That's what I have written "IT change with a user impact", so we agree.

Assuming the fact that you don't know who use a service, you can
consider that a downtime of more than a few minutes has a user impact.
After 2-3 minutes, an average user considers a non-working service as
"dead" and will abandon his task. Also, if this is well communicated,
this is usually recommended to make such changes during the night, or at
least not during office hours.

To avoid generating a too high overhead of the communication part of the
IT change, for a service requiring many small changes, the usual
approach is to gather them in one bigger change.

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