2006/1/24, Robin Schwab <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > What just crossed my mind: If we want a "really prominent" person for
> > a speech (e.g. Jimbo) we would definitely need to ask him first, when
> > he has "time capacity". I mean otherwise we decide on June the xyth
> > and then Jimbo/the prominent guest  says "Oh what a pity, on June xyth
> > I can't come but it would have been possible one week later."
> > So as we only have 5 days left, we would need to *very quickly* ask
> > the relevant people when they would have time.
> I'm glad you address this topic and you're perfectly right. To me, it's
> not that important to have these really prominent people although it
> would be nice if someone could come. I wouldn't spend 1000 CHF for a
> flight for Jimbo (I hope e forgives me if he sees this). If we try to
> get multiple persons it's impossible fix a date that's fine for everybody.
I don't think that you would need to pay him a flight...
(Angela/Delphine: You can definitely inform us here can't you?)
> Instead I would ask some "medium prominent" people like Bertrand Meyer
> (and I hope he forgives me this term too) *after* fixing the date. As he
> is in Switzerland (working very close to GEP) he might hold a speech for
> a nice present and some drinks.
Isn't this the man in whose WP-entry somebody announced his death
while he was still living. I'm not so sure whether he likes WIkipedia
so much at the moment.
> Do you know further persons we could invite for a speech?
Hm, question is whether we want people from the "Open-Source-Szene"
(there Manuel knows maybe a few names) or other people from a
> Regards
> Robin
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